14 Days To Boston


BMC: http://espn.go.com/blog/boston/marathon/post/_/id/201/15-days-marathon-sports-back-in-game

Today’s Run: Week 16, Sunday April 6th at 6:36am

  • Miles: 13.1
  • Pace: 7:41
  • Route: SF Rock N Roll Half Marathon
  • Weather/Other: Hills! But oh the scenery will knock you back. Not cold at all, but I was a wimp at the start line and wore my long sleeve shirt to keep warm. I wore it approximately 1 minute into the race before I started to overheat. A wardrobe malfunction soon followed as I took off that shirt, held onto my phone, clif blocks, and headphones. Despite the hills, I felt ok, but not much like racing. After running over the bridge and seeing the flag guy (see pic) and my friend Suzanne up ahead of me, I felt like I should kick it into gear. Finished the second half strong, passing people and charging hills no problem. Kept waiting for the pain, the bonk, but it never came. Cruised to a downhill finish and a PR of 1:40.

Total Weekly Mileage: 39.3


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