6 Days To Boston


BMC: Fun facts and stories http://www.bostonglobe.com/2014/04/16/faces-field/5SqJQAcCIY7QAVjqkZ23ZN/story.html

Today’s Run: Week 18, Monday April 14th at 5:51pm

  • Miles: 5
  • Pace: 8:20
  • Route: Trader Joe Loop
  • Weather/Other: Sunny and hot. Feeling lethargic from past few days.
  • GM: Took an alley down into a new neighborhood. I used to run down the alleys in Beverly Hills, which always seemed more interesting than the front yards. Those front yards were immaculate, but cold. Big gates, the house so far from the street. Gleaming Mercedes and BMWs in the driveways..no sign of life. The alleys, though, kids playing and the mess of life. There were tennis courts, basketball courts, elaborate play structures (this is Beverly Hills after all). The alley I ran down Monday was the backs of mismatched homes and apartments. Fun to explore.



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