T Minus Zero – Today I Ran The 118th Boston Marathon


BMC: http://www.cnn.com/2014/04/21/us/boston-marathon/ and http://www.bostonglobe.com/sports/2014/04/22/dick-and-rick-hoyt-run-marathon-their-last-duo/0802xdlCGKe5Z84VmCgMpI/story.html


Temps in the high 60s, some stomach rumblings in the middle of the race and a swollen left ankle. Crowds the whole way.

This was the most amazing race of my life. I was so humbled by the people I met in Boston and the stories from the bombing survivors. I met Fred, who has run 30 consecutive Boston Marathons. I met several first-timers like myself and two guys from St. Louis. I paid my respects to the fallen from last year’s Boston Marathon bombings. I saw the true heart of the people of Boston and am thankful for their support. Families were out along the course and I get choked up just thinking about the smiles I got as I high fived all the little kids. The energy from all the college kids could fuel a trip to Mars and back. After the marathon was over, people continued to congratulate me and high five me… felt a bit like a celebrity!

Thank you to the brave men and women who were tasked with keeping us crazy runners safe. Thank you to the volunteers for filling up all those Gatorade cups and endless smiles. Thank you to those who supported me through the Hoyt Foundation fundraiser, through well wishes, text messages, Facebook posts, rides to the airport, and joining me on long runs.

I worked so hard to run well and finished in 3:39:47, but I know I trained to run faster. My phone decided to kaput the morning of the marathon so I couldn’t keep track of my splits or take any pictures during the race. Maybe it was a blessing in disguise though, reminding me of the more important message of the race which is camaraderie and community than getting a PR. I may never run this race again which saddens me, but I am grateful for this experience. As my mom points out, there are no runners in our family and there aren’t a whole lot of Asian marathoners out there for a reason… so maybe I’ll have to just start volunteering at races instead of running them at some point  Final thanks belong to my family and especially to my little sister Catherine who really is like a big sister most of the time

Net Time 3:39:47
Overall 12385/31931
In Gender 3667/14356 (Female)
In Division 2520/6979 (F18-39 Age Group)

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